Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit

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Animation Kit
The Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit includes camera, software, and a 297-page Stopmotion Explorsion guide to creatvie filmmaking. Ninja approved. This animation kit is great for kids and adults, whatever your level of animation skill is.

Stopmotion Explosion Book
This is the definitive guide to guerrilla stop motion animation. 297 pages. Hundreds of illustrations. Free-software friendly.  Stopmotion is an incredibly fun, hands-on way to make amazing films, using simple software, inexpensive equipment, and stuff that’s already lying around your house

Stopmotion Explosion contains 297 pages of example projects, hundreds of illustrations, and detailed step-by-step instructions for screenwriting, video editing, animating, audio recording and video processing software, no prior expertise required.

Learn stopmotion science through an illustrated history of film and animation. See how stopmotion was first used in the special effects industry. Learn how “stopmotion” solved a heated debate among artists, and changed the way paintings were created forever.

Make animations with inexpensive webcams, digital point-and-shoot cameras, and digital camcorders. Learn how to adjust camera settings to achieve the best image, and what features to look for in a stopmotion camera. See breakdowns of walk, run, and speech animations. Build your own wire stopmotion armature, and learn about some of the best toys to animate.

Complete instructions for two stopmotion programs. Grab frames from your camera, preview your animations and make detailed tweaks using onion skinning. Export movie files that can be edited and uploaded to YouTube.

Ready-to-go movie ideas, story mashups, and proven techniques for creating memorable characters. Learn how to write for film and draw storyboards. Adapt scenes from your favorite films and video games. Use your screenplays and storyboards to plan camera angles, design sets, build characters, even organize your files while animating.

Record great-sounding audio and character voices, then enhance and morph your sounds using hundreds of audio effects and free recording software.

Sets & Lighting
Build stopmotion movie sets using household items and construction toys. Light your sets Hollywood-style with three-point lighting techniques, desk lamps, clip lights, flashlights, lasers, and colored cellophane.

Add punch to your animations with our illustrated guide to image composition, Learn about the rule of thirds, the rule of triangles, depth of field, and the differences between standard and widescreen video frames.

Video Editing
Edit your animation, combine multiple video files, and add video effects, transitions, sounds, titles, and rolling credits using free video editing software.

Quickly perform common stopmotion tasks, such as transforming a series of still images into a video file, learn the best settings for encoding online video, and definitions of common digital video terms and technology.

Start your own movie studio with Stopmotion Explosion today!

Stopmotion Camera
Already have stopmotion setup and looking to complete it with an entry level camera? Look no further! This model is suitable for novice to intermediate level animations. You'll be happy with this camer'as full manual control, focus abilities, image resolution, and many other features.
• Windows and OS X compatible
• Resolution: 800 x 600
• Quality optics with smooth manual focus down to 3cm.
• Full control of exposure, color, and white balance.
• Tripod or table mount.
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 supported.
• Cord length: 4-1/2 feet.
• Compatible with Skype, and other video chatting applications.


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