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Mix, match, score and win! Qwirkle is a must-have for your next family game night. While this appears to be a simple game of matching colors and shapes, it does requires tactical maneuvers, quick-thinking and a well-planned strategy.

Players of this addictive game score points by building rows and columns of brightly-colored tiles that are either all the same color or all the same shape, without creating duplicates. Look for opportunities to score big by placing a tile that touches multiple pieces with matching attributes; create a line of all six in a row, and you score a "Qwirkle". The player with the most points when the tiles run out wins!

Qwirkle combines the game play of Dominoes and Scrabble and is the perfect combination of skill and chance! This easy-to-learn, yet challenging game for children and adults will have all generations on the edge of their seat and excited to play again! Grab your family and friends and see for yourself why everyone is hooked on Qwirkle! For 2 to 4 players.

• Award winning
• Teaches colors, shapes, math and the importance of strategizing
• Strengthens language and problem-solving skills
• Challenging enough for even the most competitive teens and adults
• 108 durable wooden tiles and canvas drawstring bag for easy clean up and storage

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JM Cremp's Experience and Review
I don’t remember how we were introduced to Qwirkle, but our family of six has been playing for years.  Our youngest was 5 when he first played solo, and now he’s hard to beat. Since you don’t have to be a reader or able to do math, it’s a fabulous game for young children.  We’ve given this gift to our nieces and nephews and played it with countless others.
Simply put, this is one of our favorites. Try it. I’m pretty confident your family will like it


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