Leatherman Leap Multi Tool w/ Gift Box

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The Leatherman Leap is an innovative multi-tool that is sure to be a hit with both parents and young adventurers.  The Leap was designed to be a safe and introductory tool for kids.  You can read the list of safety features below, but here’s our favorite - the blade detaches!  That’s right, you can keep the blade for your son until he’s earned the right to carry it!  Amazing!  And this Leatherman comes with a gift box!

More Leatherman Leap innovations:
• The Leatherman Leap is designed for smaller hands. No heavy, too big tools for the littlest users.
• It has a removable knife blade that can be inserted once a parent feels it’s safe for the child to use.
• The Leap has safety locks; the tools won’t jump around on our children while in use.
• The tools open, lock and unlock in ways that are ergonomically designed to keep kids fingers out of the way of harm.
• The grips are designed for the tool to be comfortably used away from the child’s direction. No knives or saws coming towards the child’s body.

Celebrate your youngest doer with the gift of the Leatherman Leap Multi-Tool with Gift Box.


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