Jonathan Park A Close Call (#2 No Looking Back)

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The adventure continues at the Buchanan Ranch in Montana, where the Brenan and Park families are spending a fun weekend. Unfortunately, Dillon Buchanan has a chip on his shoulder and his mean pranks put Jonathan’s life at risk! Later, a dangerous arsonist escapes from the Sheriff near the Brenan Ranch Suddenly, a homeless man shows up at the museum construction site and offers his help. Is this mysterious stranger the escaped arsonist? Also, Jessie is filled with excitement when Bonnie gives her a tan Appaloosa horse named “Dusty". But when Bonnie, Jessie, Martha, and Katie take the 1,000 mile, all-girls’ road trip to get the horse back home, everything seems to go wrong!

Science Topics:
• The Evolutionary Tree
• Convergent Evolution
• The Laws of Energy
• Design of the Water Cycle
Faith-Building Takeaways:
• Returning Good for Evil - 1 Peter 3:3 & 9
• Showing Kindness - Gal. 6:10
• Consequence of Sin

Series: Jonathan Park
Album: No Looking Back, 2 of 4


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