Fire Making, The Forgotten Art of Conjuring Flame with Spark, Tinder, and Skill

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For fans of Tristan Gooley and of Lars Mytting’s Norwegian Wood, a fascinating, beautifully illustrated guide to making fire without a lighter

From the San people in Namibia to the Mangyan of the Philippines, Daniel Hume has learned how fire is kindled all over the world. Now, in Fire Making, he imparts his firsthand knowledge of a variety of fire-making techniques, basics, and more, including:

  • Tools that use friction or sparks to start a fire, from hand drills and fire plows to iron pyrite
  • Different types of tinder, from birch bark to fungus
  • Challenging situations from strong winds to wet matches
  • Even fire-starting hacks—such as using foil and a battery!

Beautiful photographs and informative asides (including fire creation legends) help cultivate a deep appreciation of this indispensable element.


“A practical and globe-trotting account of fire making around the world. This elegantly illustrated . . . book conjures the joy of tinder, spark, and ember.”—National Geographic Traveler
Number of pages: 192
Publication date: May 15, 2018
ISBN: 9781615194674

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