The JM Cremp's Adventure Store is a place that your family can rely on to find wholesome family adventures, activities, books, and hobbies that are designed to bring families together–not just kill time and keep them busy without purpose. We're glad your here, and we encourage you to explore our categories and interests.

Our company started years ago when our five boys were small. My wife and I had a hard time finding activities and hobbies that would either spark their imaginations, keep them active, be educational, or teach them values. We didn't want to go the route of video games and mindless activities.  We longed to hearken back to a time when a message was sent as a folded up note and not via SMS. A time when summer afternoons were spent playing tag and baseball; and Saturdays were for building forts, the latest Lego creation, or diving into a good book. Becuase we couldn't seem to find a store dedicated these principles, our entrepreneurial genes kicked in, and we decided to start our own business.

Thanks to our amazing customers, we've been able to grow and expand. Besides our online store, we have several JM Cremp's Adventure Stores that we'd love for you to visit someday.

JM Cremp's Family

As our business has grown and adapted, so has our family. This past year marked a milestone for our family as we ushered our oldest child off to college. With that event came the realization that he is no longer the little boy I used to play with in the backyard and read stories to at night. Of course, my wife and I are excited for every stage of our children’s lives. But, it made me realize just how fast children grow up and how precious the days are when they are young and full of imagination. It also made me fully understand how those adolescent years are so important in their growth and development. It's the only time in their lives that we, as parents, have their undivided attention. It's when we can make the most impact on the men and women that they will become. Of course, the parenting never ends, but the opportunities for fundamental character shaping happen the most when they're small. I may have understood that before, but now that I have adult children; I feel the sting of how fleeting that magical time is. I'm grateful for the opportunities for play, memory-making, and character-building that I have had with them.

We hope that the toys, games, gear, and books that you find here at JM Cremp's can have an impact on your family's life as much as they have had with ours. We love to hear from our customers, so drop us a note, or share your experiences on our facebook page.

Keep up the adventures & God Bless -

Jay Asplin & Family