4-in-1 Winter Fun Kit

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Get ready for some fun in the snow! The 4-in-one Winter Fun Snowball Kit has just what you need for a fun winter afternoon: a snowball grenade maker, a cannon, a launcher, and a slingshot.

Prepare a snowy grenade with the snowball grenade maker or launch snowballs with the cannon. Send snowballs flying toward an opponent with the launcher or fling a snowball over a snow barricade with the slingshot. Whatever tool you use, we think you’ll have tons of active outdoor fun with this kit!

4-in-1 Winter Fun Snowball Kit:
• Snowball grenade maker, cannon, launcher, and slingshot
• Made with durable molded polymer construction


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Charity Hardman Dec 28th 2017

Good winter fun

Bought this set for our 3, 5, 8, 9 year old to share. They took it out as soon as able and had great fun with it. Snow was too powdery, but they figured out to fill it with snow, then dip in water.

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